The Story of Messiah’s House & Hillside Christian

Updated: November 17, 2018

In April of 2018, Messiah’s House entered into an agreement with Hillside to purchase the Hillside Bell Street campus. It has been a very unusual situation for two churches to find a great solution together that solved a unique need for both churches. Both Hillside and Messiah’s House are working to advance the Kingdom; and this agreement put both church families in a situation to do that more effectively as God was directing.

Since April 15th, we have been sharing the facilities with Hillside. Their church family meets for services Sunday mornings; and we have our corporate service each Sunday evening beginning at 5:00. Both of our churches utilize the campus Wednesday evenings for a variety of purposes for our church families. This sounds complicated and even difficult… but we have worked hard alongside each other to accomplish our unique plans.

At this time, it appears Hillside will have their new campus for the Bell Street church family ready to occupy in January of 2019. This will give them to ability to move into their new location; and we will finally have the ability to better utilize our entire facility. We will be able to more fully accomplish our calling and direction to make a greater impact in our city.

It is our belief that God wishes to have a very personal relationship with each of His children. He desires for us to encounter His presence… experience His power in your life… and discover the purpose for which we have been created! We would love to have you visit our church and experience extravagant worship and encounter the presence of the Lord.