October 14, 2019

Overcoming Bitterness – Messy Series

Many people in the Church are bitter and drunk of heart. People are intoxicated on things that happened in the past. Bitterness starts off below the surface, it starts as a root. If a bitter root keeps growing, there will be a harvest of pain for you and all the people in your world. Bitterness is no joke, it can literally make you sick and even take your life. Listen as Pastor Jason talks about four ways to spot a bitter root and four ways to overcome bitterness.
February 7, 2016

God’s Loving Wrath

Many people think that love and wrath are polar opposites. Some believe that God was full of wrath in the Old Testament and that He is full of love in the New Testament. The truth is that there is only one God and he doesn't change! The New Testament talks about God's wrath being currently released on the Earth and it also talks about a wrath that is to come. The good news is that God is love and He is not wrath. We need a proper theology concerning God's wrath and we need to understand that wrath is an expression of God's love. This is a sermon that every person should hear!!