October 17, 2023

Birthing a God Thing

Messiah’s House · Birthing a God Thing – Jason Craft It might surprise you but God is not looking for worship, He is looking for worshippers. True worshippers will worship in Spirit and in Truth. Worship is all about adoring and enjoying the Presence of God. Despising worship leads to barrenness but true worship will always give birth to spiritual things in our lives. Listen to this message and see five things that get birthed in the Presence of God.
July 19, 2021

The Heart of Worship

Messiah’s House · The Heart of Worship – Jordan Melugin The most important aspect of worship is not our own preferences. The most important aspect of worship is God and his preferences. God is looking for worshipers who will worship Him in spirit and in truth…and also through sacrifice. Listen as Pastor Jordan shares his heart for worship and his own personal testimony of learning the value of sacrificial praise. Listen and be inspired today!
August 17, 2020

Extended Prayer Time at Messiah’s House

Messiah’s House · Extended Prayer Time at Messiah’s House Enjoy this extended prayer time.
March 17, 2020

Crazy Praise – People of Praise Series

Listen as Pastor Jason continues his series, “People of Praise”. This message is very fitting for the time that we are currently living in and it will help you overcome fear and rise up in faith. Listen and be encouraged today!
February 3, 2020

Supernatural Birth, Part 2 – People of Praise Series

Don’t miss this teaching by Pastor Jason as he continues to talk about things that can be supernaturally birthed when we get in the Presence of God. Listen and be encouraged today!
January 21, 2020

People of Praise, Part 1

According to 1 Peter 2:9, God has set us apart to proclaim His praises. In this teaching, Pastor Jason talks about what praise is and why God calls us to give Him praise. It’s not enough to just have intellectual knowledge of God’s worth but we have been set apart to proclaim His worth. Listen to this message and find out what happens to us when we truly give ourselves to praise and worship. Enjoy!
December 2, 2019

The Result of Thanksgiving

Lots of things happen when we truly give thanks to God! Thanksgiving not only impacts me but it also blesses God. Listen to Pastor Jason as he talks about how thanksgiving keeps us from arrogant worship and connects us to God’s Grace at the same time. Enjoy!
November 11, 2019

The Why of Worship – Jordan Melugin

Why do we worship God? That’s the question we’re answering in this message titled “The Why of Worship”. Together we’ll unpack biblical truths to help us build a foundation of “why” we worship God.
July 10, 2018

Ministering to the Lord: Why We Worship

In our lives we have been called Priests to the Lord, and this week we will be exploring what the Bible has to say about that calling. We will look at how the Lord is moved by the sound of our voice, and be drawn into deeper intimacy with Him.
May 1, 2018

Attracting the Presence of God

  Scripture tells us that it is possible for us to grieve the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:30). The Holy Spirit will never leave us but He can at times withdraw His active Presence in our lives when we grieve Him. The antonym to grieve is to please. When we live to please God we can enjoy intimate fellowship with Him and experience His love for us. This is true for both individuals and also for entire churches. Listen to this teaching by Pastor Jason as he shares how we can live in such a way that we please God and […]
November 29, 2015

The Power of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving starts by recognizing that God is the "Giver" and we are the "Receiver". He is the Benefactor and we are the Beneficiary. Listen as Pastor Jason shares three powerful things that happen when we truly give thanks to God. 

October 18, 2015

Worship and The Presence

What role does The Holy Spirit play in our worship of God the Father?  What does it mean to worship in Spirit and in Truth?  If we were created for worship, why don't we see worship mentioned with Adam and Eve?  If God doesn't need anything, why does He call us to worship?  These are some of the questions that Pastor Jason addresses in this powerful message.  Listen and be inspired today!