April 15, 2019

Seven Ways to Avoid Stress

This is the last message in Pastor Jason’s series, “Stressed Out”. In this teaching we see that rest doesn’t always equal inactivity but rather we can have rest in our souls while walking through everyday life. We can operate from a place of rest even in our most busiest times. Listen as Pastor Jason gives us seven practical ways to avoid stress and live from a place of rest.
April 9, 2019

No Worries – Stressed Out Series

Worry has no place in the Kingdom lifestyle. Worry may be common, but it is not normal for a Believer in Christ. Jesus told us to not worry about our lives but to rather seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness. So being worry free is not based on receiving something, it is based on seeking someone.  Listen as Pastor Jason continues his series on being stressed out and shows us how we can live from a place of rest rather than stress. Listen and be strengthened today!
March 11, 2019

Stress is a Choice

This is the first teaching in the series entitled “Stressed Out” by Pastor Jason Craft. In this first message we see that being stressed and overwhelmed is a choice. We are not stressed out because of what’s going on around us, but rather we are stressed because of how we are relating to what’s going on around us.  We can choose stress or we can choose rest. Jesus wants to give us rest for our souls. Listen as Pastor Jason shows us how to live a stress free life and enjoy rest on a daily basis.