March 22, 2021

What Are Some Misconceptions About Speaking in Tongues?

Messiah’s House · What are some Misconceptions about Speaking in Tongues – Jason Craft Is there a private prayer language available to every Believer? Did Tongues cease with the death of the last Apostle? Is Tongues a sign of being baptized in The Holy Spirit? Did Jesus speak in Tongues? Listen to this teaching by Pastor Jason as he continues to answer questions pertaining to the role of The Holy Spirit in the life of a Believer.
August 31, 2014

Being Led by The Spirit

Romans 8:14 lets us know that the Children of God should expect to be led by The Spirit of God. Being a disciple means more than just knowing scripture, it means we must learn how to be Spirit led.  In this message, Pastor Jason shows us three ways that The Spirit leads us.