December 14, 2020

Learn How to Wait on God

Messiah’s House · Learn How to Wait on God – Jason Craft When it comes to the subject of time, one of the hardest things for us to do as Believers is to wait. All of us are waiting on God for something right now, but the question is, are we waiting well? Listen to this Christmas message by Pastor Jason as he shows us how waiting on God is not supposed to be a passive activity.
September 9, 2019

Waiting Well

Listen as Pastors Jason & Leanna both share about what they have learned concerning how to wait on God. If you feel like you are stuck or wondering why your prayers seem unanswered, hear this message and be encouraged in your faith today!
August 6, 2017

God is Waiting

The Bible tells us that God is patient with us.  There are some things that God Himself waits on.  If God never waited on anything, then He would have no reason to be patient.  There are times when we must discern whether we are waiting on God or if He is waiting on us.  There are times that God will wait to give us certain things until He has our full cooperation.  This message by Pastor Jason will challenge you and bless you at the same time.  Listen and enjoy!

July 30, 2017

How to Wait on God

While it may be difficult, waiting on the Lord isn’t a passive activity. Time cannot be stopped but we can control how our time will be used.  There are things that we can do while we are waiting on God.  Listen to this powerful teaching by Pastor Jason as he shares six things you can do when you are waiting on God.