February 13, 2023

Something has to Change, Pt.2

Messiah's House · Something has to Change, Pt.2 -Jason Craft This is the second part of a two part message on changing the way you think. There is a huge difference between a survival mindset and a thriving mindset. Listen as Pastor Jason breaks down the symptoms of both mindsets and teaches on how to live the abundant life that Jesus came to give us.
February 7, 2023

Something Has to Change

Messiah’s House · Something Has to Change, Pt. 1 – Jason Craft Many people want their circumstances to change but they don’t want to change themselves. Destiny necessitates transition and change. Resistance to change is your worst enemy. This is the first part of a two part message on the power of a changed mind and how a thriving mindset is required of us if we want to live the abundant life. Enjoy!