October 17, 2022


Messiah’s House · Temptation – Gary Wells The devil is prowling around like a lion looking for someone to devour. He is the father of lies and has been after God’s creation since the time of Adam and Eve. The good news is that we can have victory over the devil and don’t have to live in fear or worry!
April 26, 2021

Four Lies of Satan Series, Lie #3 God isn’t Good

Messiah’s House · Four Lies of Satan Series, Lie #3 God isn’t Good – Jason Craft Scripture tells us over and over that God is good. One of Satan’s biggest desires is to get us to question God’s goodness by trying to get us to focus on God’s activity rather than His Identity. If Satan can get us to think about what God hasn’t given to us, then he can lead us to be tempted to give into sin. Listen to Pastor Jason as he exposes another one of Satan’s favorite lies and shows us how to endure trials in […]