February 27, 2023

Real Repentance

Messiah’s House · Real Repentance – Jordan Melugin Do you want to see genuine revival in your life and in the lives of those around you? If so, then you must understand the value of repentance. In this message, Pastor Jordan teaches on the importance of daily repentance in the life of the believer and how true repentance leads to true revival.
January 7, 2021

“The Glory of Not Being Offended”: Leanna Craft | Tuesday Night | MH Church | Revival 2021

“The Glory of Not Being Offended” by Leanna Craft Tuesday Night It is to your honor and glory to overlook a transgression and an offense. Did you know we can be glorious? We can be glorious when we overlook an offense, when we give forgiveness, when we deal with something in our heart that is not supposed to be there, we represent the glory of God. From MH Church | Revival 2021  
January 6, 2021

“Speak Life”: Manny De Los Santos | Monday Night | MH Church | Revival 2021

“Speak Life” by Manny De Los Santos Monday Night “Jesus spoke, and he breathed on them, and he said ‘receive the Holy Spirit’. This is what we came here to do tonight. To allow God to breathe on us, that we might live in revival again – that we might bounce back in life, that we might come back in every area where the enemy has caused us to setback, that every setback has been a setup for your comeback if you believe God for His breath to hit your life!” From MH Church | Revival 2021  
March 2, 2020

Restoration and Redemption – Rick Trafton

Listen as Pastor Rick shares how revival in our life comes through redemption and restoration. Living in the fullness of God’s blessing and involvement in our life requires us to lay our plan for our life aside and join God in His plan for us. His plan will cause us to thrive in life as we live in the community of believers.”
June 26, 2018

The Biggest Hindrance to Revival – Part 2

Pastor Jason continues to teach on the subject of idolatry and how it keeps us from experiencing revival in the Church. In this message we learn what idolatry really is and why it grieves Holy Spirit. Listen and be inspired today!
June 18, 2018

The Biggest Hindrance to Revival

If we want to have Revival in the Church then we musty identify that which hinders Revival from coming. Listen as Pastor Jason talks about the dangers of idolatry and how God will not endure a rival in the matter of worship.
April 8, 2018

A Church On Fire

What does it look like for a church to live in an on going revival?? Listen as Pastor Jason takes time to define what revival is and he gives us four characteristics that are needed in order for a church to be on fire for God. Enjoy!
February 5, 2017

Five Biblical Characteristics of Revival

Have you ever wondered what revival was supposed to be? What did God intend for us to encounter through awakening? We take a look at the book of Acts and the early church as they encountered the atmosphere of heaven.