October 9, 2023

Learning to be Present

Messiah’s House · Learning to be Present – Jason Craft God is omnipresent! The presence of God is infinite, everywhere, and forever.  Technically, you cannot not be in the presence of God.  There’s no other place to be. God is always present, but many times we’re not present to His presence. Learning how to be present is directly connected to experiencing the presence of God. Listen to this message and gain some insights on how to be more present with God and with others.
March 21, 2023

Requirements for Rest

Messiah’s House · Requirements for Rest – Jason Craft The Promise Land for the Israelites was considered a physical place of rest. The author of Hebrews tell us that there is a spiritual place of rest available to anyone that will put their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. This teaching deals with how to enter God’s rest and the requirements for staying in God’s rest on a daily basis.
November 29, 2022

The Atmosphere of the Secret Place

Messiah’s House · The Atmosphere of the Secret Place – Jason Craft Before Jesus taught us how to to pray, He taught us where to pray.  He told us that The Father is in the secret place waiting for us to come to Him. Where is the secret place? How do I get to the secret pace? What do I find or how am I influenced in the secret place? Listen as Pastor Jason answers these questions and more.
November 22, 2022

How to Pray

Messiah’s House · The Atmosphere of the Secret Place – Jason Craft Before Jesus taught us how to pray, He told us where to pray.  We are to go to our room and shut the door and pray to our Father who is in the secret place. It is in the secret place that we connect with our Father and bring Him our praise as well as our petitions. There are six petitions contained within the model prayer and they serve as a template for us in our daily prayer lives. Listen to this teaching and be stirred up to […]
August 4, 2022

Regrets: What are they good for?

Messiah’s House · Regrets: What are they good for? – Casey Webb   We all have regrets. Some are small and fade away. Others are big and can turn into burdensome shame. Scripture highlights how regret can point us toward revelation and a life of fewer burdens. Listen to this sermon to hear how Jesus wants to trade our regrets for rest.
April 15, 2019

Seven Ways to Avoid Stress

This is the last message in Pastor Jason’s series, “Stressed Out”. In this teaching we see that rest doesn’t always equal inactivity but rather we can have rest in our souls while walking through everyday life. We can operate from a place of rest even in our most busiest times. Listen as Pastor Jason gives us seven practical ways to avoid stress and live from a place of rest.
March 18, 2019

Guarding the Heart – Pt.1

Stress is a choice. You can choose stress or you can choose rest.  One of the biggest reasons that so many of us are stressed out is because we haven’t learned to guard and garden our hearts. Listen as Pastor Jason talks about three ways to guard and protect our hearts from anxiety so that we can operate from a place of rest. Enjoy!
March 11, 2019

Stress is a Choice

This is the first teaching in the series entitled “Stressed Out” by Pastor Jason Craft. In this first message we see that being stressed and overwhelmed is a choice. We are not stressed out because of what’s going on around us, but rather we are stressed because of how we are relating to what’s going on around us.  We can choose stress or we can choose rest. Jesus wants to give us rest for our souls. Listen as Pastor Jason shows us how to live a stress free life and enjoy rest on a daily basis.
November 27, 2016

The Atmosphere of The Secret Place

The Father is in the Secret Place and He sees in secret.  The Father is so good that He has gone ahead of us and He waits to meet with us in the Secret Place.  There are things that the Father wants to give you and say to you that are just between you and Him.  What is the atmosphere of the Secret Place like?  What do I find and what can I expect when I enter the Secret Place?  Pastor Jason answers these questions and more in this powerful teaching.  Enjoy!