February 13, 2024

There’s More To The Story

Messiah’s House · There’s More To The Story – Pastor Manny De Los Santos Enjoy this message from our guest speaker, Pastor Manny De Los Santos.
February 21, 2023

Not My Will But God’s

Messiah’s House · Not My Will But God’s – Manny De Los Santos Listen to this message from our guest speaker, Manny De Los Santos.
January 24, 2023

Remembering the Future

Messiah’s House · Remembering the Future – Jason Craft How can you remember the future since it hasn’t happened yet? This message reminds us that fulfilling our purpose in God is connected to having an eternal mindset. We need to constantly remind ourselves that there is another world waiting for us, another world that is coming for us.  As Believers, our citizenship is in heaven and Earth is not our home.  We should live looking forward to being with God for all eternity and that reality should cause us to not lose heart or ever give up.
January 17, 2023

Revival, the Bigger Picture

Messiah’s House · Revival, the Bigger Picture – Gary London As the Lord of the Harvest, Jesus has given us a very purposeful mission, to be His witnesses and His harvesters who spread His Good News to those who don’t know Him. During this season of revival, He is touching and changing our lives in many ways and now He calls us to be salt and light to those around us.
July 20, 2020

Stopping For The One

Messiah’s House · Stopping For The One – Randy Strickland The story of Jesus’ encounter with Bartimaeus can teach us a lot about the importance of stopping for the one. The crowd heard the cry of Bartimaeus’ voice but Jesus heard the cry of Bartimaeus’ heart. When Jesus heard the cries of Bartimaeus it was an invitation to join the Father in what He was doing. When Jesus stopped everything changed! Listen as Randy Strickland shares some insight into this story and some real-life personal testimonies of the power of God to move as we stop for the one that […]
January 21, 2020

People of Praise, Part 1

According to 1 Peter 2:9, God has set us apart to proclaim His praises. In this teaching, Pastor Jason talks about what praise is and why God calls us to give Him praise. It’s not enough to just have intellectual knowledge of God’s worth but we have been set apart to proclaim His worth. Listen to this message and find out what happens to us when we truly give ourselves to praise and worship. Enjoy!
June 5, 2018

Get Ready To Move! (Part 2)

“Since we live in the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit” Galatians 5:25. God is inviting us to move with the Spirit but there are things that can hinder us living this way. We can learn some things from the Israelites experience of crossing the Red Sea.
May 23, 2018

Purpose 301, Impact Track

This the the 3rd and final teaching in our Impact Track here at Messiah’s House. Listen as Pastor Jason talks about man’s chief end and ultimate purpose for being created by God. Enjoy!
April 9, 2017

Living a Life of Purpose Rooted in Faith

Living a life of purpose is rooted in knowing that our faith is a gift from God, the essence of our relationship with God, and results in a Kingdom harvest.  The central text of this teaching from James challenges us to know 3 tenants of our faith:  1. The origin of our faith.  2. The object of our faith. 3. The outcome of our faith.


April 19, 2015

Tragedy or Triumph

The way we order our priorities in life can lead to great tragedy or “other-worldly” triumph. God is very intentional as to how He expresses the Kingdom through us. If we seek His presence about ALL things; we will find Him ready to fill us to overflowing with the Kingdom so that those around us experience Him through our life.

April 14, 2015

Understanding God’s Will

The will of God doesn't come to please you or to fulfill you.  The will of God is sent to woo you in to the place you need to be for the things God has for you to do.  The purpose of this message is to help you in your understanding of God's will for your life.

February 14, 2015

Culture, Conscience, Community

A brief look at how the Church in the first century grew in community, stayed in God's presence, and manifested His power.