November 23, 2021

The Supernatural Power of Thanksgiving

Messiah’s House · The Supernatural Power of Thanksgiving – Jason Craft The Bible has much to say about the subject of Thanksgiving or being thankful. Over 100 times in the Old Testament and over 70 times in the New Testament we find the concept of giving thanks to God. Most Believers know that it is God’s will for us to be grateful but have you ever wondered why? Why does God command us to give Him thanks? Does God need us to give Him thanks? Is God on some kind of ego trip? It might surprise you to find out […]
June 23, 2021

Should I Be Angry, Inbox Series

Messiah’s House · Should I Be Angry, Inbox Series – Jason Craft Did you know that the Bible commands us to be angry? Most Believers don’t understand that God created us with a temper. Satan is not a creator, he is a perverter. Satan is not the source of anger, he simply seeks to pervert our anger. Listen as Pastor Jason shows us that anger is a great weapon that God has given to us to resist evil and how it gets perverted when it is rooted in pride. Enjoy this powerful message today!
August 25, 2020

Don’t Be Discouraged, Part 2

Messiah’s House · Don’t Be Discouraged, Part 2 – Jason Craft This is Part Two of a Two Part Message brought by Pastor Jason Craft. Listen as he continues to talk about the causes of discouragement in our lives and how we can choose to be hopeful even when disappointments come our way. Listen and be encouraged today!
July 2, 2019

Choosing Humility

Pride is being self centered, self focused, and self reliant. The opposite of pride is humility. Humility is being God centered, God focused, and God reliant. Colossians 3:12 tells us to “clothe ourselves in humility” which means humility is a choice and it requires action on our part.  Listen to this message by Pastor Jason as he talks about three things that humble people consistently choose to do.
June 16, 2019

The Penalty for Pride

Pride is simply self-centeredness. Pride is being self focused rather than being God focused.  Pride places us on the throne of our own heart.  In this message by Pastor Jason we take a look at King Uzziah in the Old Testament and see how his pride  cost him a great penalty. This is a timely Word for the Body of Christ. Listen now!
February 11, 2018

Forgetting What is Behind

In this message Pastor Jason continues to talk about how to fulfill your mission and calling from the Lord. He shares three things that we must consistently remind ourselves of and how we must live our lives looking ahead, not behind. Enjoy!