January 3, 2023

Going Fast

Messiah’s House · Going Fast – Jason Craft What is fasting? Does fasting belong in the New Testament Church? How is fasting connected to the new wine that Jesus talked about in Matthew 9:17? Listen as Pastor Jason answers these questions and calls the church to a corporate fast to prepare our hearts for revival.
November 7, 2022

The Two-Fold Purpose of Prayer

Messiah’s House · The Two-Fold Purpose of Prayer – Jason Craft Many people don’t pray because they don’t see the benefits of prayer. Some don’t pray because they don’t think that it makes a difference. Many people have become frustrated in their prayer lives because they haven’t seen results and so they have developed a bad attitude concerning prayer. Pastor Jason says that you will never be passionate about prayer until you first understand the primary purpose of prayer. Listen to this message and learn about the two primary purposes of prayer and why prayer should be a priority every […]
July 3, 2018

The Biggest Hindrance to Revival – Part 3

This is Pastor Jason’s third teaching on the subject of idolatry.  In this message we see how good things, like money and pleasure, can become idols in our hearts when they get exalted in our lives.  Listen today!
October 30, 2016

The Primary Purpose of Prayer

In this message Pastor Jason takes a look at the early church and how they ministered to the Lord with prayer and fasting.  Why fasting?  The answer to that question reveals to us the primary purpose of prayer. This is a powerful challenge to us to get back to the heart of prayer.  Enjoy!