September 11, 2023

When God Wants to Kill You, Strange Stories Series

Messiah’s House · When God Wants to Kill You, Strange Stories Series – Jason Craft Moses is one of the most prominent figures in the Old Testament. His role is a type and a shadow of the role Jesus plays in the New Testament. Moses is known as the giver of the law, but did you know that God almost killed him because he was breaking the law at one point? Listen and learn more about this unusual event as we continue our Strange Stories Series.
October 13, 2020

Moving With God, Move Series

Messiah’s House · Moving With God, Move Series – Jason Craft The Christian life is a life of movement. James 4:8 says “draw near to God, and He will draw near to you”. There are many examples of people in the Bible that moved toward God, and then in return, God moved toward them. Listen to this message by Pastor Jason as he focuses on the moves of Moses and how God prepared Him for His mission to deliver the Israelites.
July 17, 2016

God is our Rescuer

God is our Rescuer. The Bible is a story of God rescuing his people. In Exodus 3, God tells Moses, “I have seen the misery of my people and I have heard their cries; so, I have come down to rescue them”. When God rescues us, He doesn’t just rescue us from something, He always rescues us to something else. He rescued the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and led them into the Promised Land. God still rescues today! Hear how he rescued an abandoned 2 month old baby girl from a frozen field in China and placed her into a family.