April 11, 2023

Easter 2023 | Look and Live

Messiah’s House · 2023 Easter | Look and Live – Jason Craft Look and live.  It was actually these words that were the means by which God used to save the famous preacher Charles Spurgeon. Salvation will never come from looking unto ourselves. The only way a person can be saved is by looking at the one who was lifted up and placing trust in Him. This Easter sermon deals with the comparisons between Moses lifting up the serpent in the wilderness and Jesus being lifted up on the cross.
August 4, 2020

Don’t Look Back

Messiah’s House · Don’t Look Back – Jason Craft Looking backwards is never a good idea when you are running a race. Scripture tells us that God has marked out a race to run for all Believers and finishing this race requires us to look forward. Listen to Pastor Jason as he teaches on what it means to have a forward look so that we can advance God’s Kingdom on the Earth.