February 1, 2021

The Bondage of Legalism, Staying Free Series

Messiah’s House · The Bondage of Legalism, Staying Free Series – Jason Craft Although many Believers in the the Church today don’t think they are in danger of being bound to the law, Pastor Jason shares that legalism is running rampant in the Church today. No Believer ever believes they are legalistic because legalism fosters pride and self-righteousness. Listen to the this teaching by Pastor Jason as he continues his Staying Free Series and shares several ways to spot legalism in your life or in your church.
August 9, 2015

Signs of Slavery – Part 1

Many Believers today live in bondage to legalism.  The essence of legalism is trusting in religious activity rather than trusting in God.  Legalism is confidence in practice rather than confidence in the person of Jesus Christ.  Bondage can be blinding and many times we are ignorant to the fact that we need freedom. Are you legalistic?  Find out for sure as you listen to Pastor Jason talk about three signs of legalism and there is even a test at the end!