May 10, 2022

Does God get tired? By Jason Craft

Scripture has a lot to say about the emotions of God. We see in scripture there have been moments when God becomes weary of His dealings with a wayward mankind. He gets tired. How does it happen? And what can we learn from it?  By Jason Craft God can get irritated... He can get fed up… He can be angry … and there is one thing that can even make Him weary… Yes, you read those things correctly. Not exactly the descriptions we might express in church. The prophet Isaiah describes God as frustrated, exasperated, and weary (see 1:14). In […]
January 28, 2020

We’re Pregnant

This Sunday, Pastor Jason told us as a church family that he believes, “we’re pregnant”. Here’s what he said. “The seed of God’s Word has been planted in the heart of this church for years. We’ve been in a gestation period for some time. We have had so many words, prophetic words, that we are believing and praying for over the years. This is what I heard God say. He says, ‘Praise.’ Praise is the key to supernatural birth. The things we have been longing and praying for in our church, in our city and in our region, the key […]