May 24, 2022

Fixing Your Heart

Messiah’s House · Fixing Your Heart – Jason Craft This is the second message by Pastor Jason in the “Heart Matters” Series.  This teaching deals with the importance of preparing your heart to seek God. The quality of your life is dependent upon the health of your heart and you are the only one who can guard your own heart. Fixing your heart on seeking God is the key to having a healthy spiritual heart. Listen and be encouraged today!
August 7, 2016

Taking the Limits Off God – Part 1

The Bible tells us in Psalm 78:41 that Israel “limited” God.  In other words, there were things that God wanted to give Israel that they couldn’t receive because they were unwilling to cooperate with God. Are you limiting God in your life?  Listen as Pastor Jason talks about the one common denominator in all things that limit God.