November 29, 2021

Qualities of Gratitude

Messiah’s House · Qualities of Gratitude – Jason Craft What does it look like to live a lifestyle of thanksgiving? How do you know if you are truly a thankful person? How can you verify it? Pastor Jason says that there is a practical side to being a grateful person and that there are some things that you should be able to point to in your life that will help you know if you are really thankful. Listen to this message as we look at nine qualities of gratitude. Enjoy!
November 26, 2017

Guarding Yourself with Gratitude

This message is about how thankfulness produces praise to God.  You will never be a worshipper if you aren’t thankful. Unthankful people don’t worship, they complain. Most Believers know that giving thanks ushers us into the Presence of God, but most Believers don’t know that complaining gives the devil a foothold in our lives.  Listen as Pastor Jason talks about why we should be extravagant worshippers and give thanks to God on a daily basis.