February 20, 2024

Live By Letting Go

Messiah’s House · Live By Letting Go – Wade Joye Dreams are incredible gifts from God that can motivate us to do powerful work to bless others. But a good gift can also become dangerous when we hold it the wrong way. In this message, by looking at the denial of King David’s dream to build the Temple. we will learn what it looks like to trust God with our own unmet expectations and dreams that haven’t come to life. We will find that when we learn to let go, our hands are finally open and ready to take hold […]
November 16, 2022

How NOT to Pray

Messiah’s House · How NOT to Pray – Jason Craft Prayer is something that you have to learn how to do.  There are principles and conditions that govern certain prayers and you can actually do damage if you pray wrong. Listen to this message by Pastor Jason as he talks about several things that you should never pray.