March 15, 2022

The Holy Spirit Picks a Fight

Messiah’s House · The Holy Spirit Picks a Fight – Jason Craft Many churches and individual Believers choose form over freedom in their lives because form gives us something by which we can measure success. The temptation that we all face as Christians is to have a form of Godliness but to deny its power. Listen to this timely message from Pastor Jason as he talks about the importance of choosing freedom over form and how the religious spirit wants us to be more concerned with structure than we are with substance. Enjoy!
October 29, 2018

The Family That Fights Together

We need to fight for our families! It’s the number one thing under attack in today’s society and the reason the it’s under enemy fire is because family is God’s design. Listen as our Children’s Pastor, Leanna, teaches from Nehemiah 4 about standing firm, raising our children in the truth, and becoming a family that fights together.