June 22, 2020

The Wall of Separation, Part 2

Messiah’s House · The Wall of Separation, Pt.2 – Jason Craft This is part two of a two part message given by Pastor Jason on the subject of racial reconciliation. Listen and be reminded that there is no partiality with God and that He loves every race.
June 9, 2020

The Wall of Separation

Messiah’s House · The Wall of Separation – Jason Craft We are living in a troubled time. Our Country is divided and in many ways the Church is divided as well. People are angry, frustrated, offended, and scared. The good news is that we as Believers have the Word of God to stand on and it has all the answers we need. Listen as Pastor Jason speaks into this time of turmoil and shows us what God’s Word has to say. Listen and be inspired today! DivisionUnityRaceReconciliation
November 26, 2019

Relational Strain, Part 3 – Messy Series

This is the final message of the Messy Series. In this last teaching, Pastor Jason talks about three types of relationships that God may call us away from. We need to understand that division is not always a bad thing and that God doesn’t approve of all relationships. There are times when we must walk away from certain people in order to fulfill God’s call on our lives. This is a message that every Believer needs to understand. Listen today!
February 12, 2017

The Wall of Separation

Racial reconciliation is not a idealistic notion, it is a gospel imperative.  Racial reconciliation is at the heart of the gospel because God created every race.  This is a timely and convicting message considering all the racial strife in our Country at this moment.  Every Believer should listen to and share this sermon with other Believers!