August 22, 2022

Why is Church Important?

Messiah’s House · Why is Church Important? – Jason Craft Church is not a place but it is a people. Church is not something you go to but it is something you belong to. Jesus is building His Church and He is building us together in love. Satan hates the Church and he is always attacking us in the area of relationships. This message by Pastor Jason deals with why church is so vital to the life of a Believer and why some people have a habit of leaving the church.
August 16, 2022

What Is Church? Pt. 2

Messiah’s House · What is Church? Pt. 2- Jason Craft The Bible uses two main pictures or metaphors to describe the Church. Scripture tells us that the Church is both a building and a body. It is important for every Believer to understand these two extremes and what they mean to us as God’s people. This is the second part of a two part message by Pastor Jason. Listen as he continues to define “Church” and he gives us nine signs of a healthy local church.
October 28, 2019

Relational Strain, Part 1 – Messy Series

Relationships can get strained at times, but if we can diagnose the source of our strife then we can find the biblical cure to fix it. Listen as Pastor Jason begins to teach on the four sources of relational strain and how to biblically deal with conflict in our relationships. This message deals with five characteristics of the “victim” mindset and six ways to take personal responsibility for your life.