February 11, 2019

Liberating the Bruised (Part 4)

Why would God allow sickness and disease, pain and suffering?  If God loves us, why does He sometimes choose to not intervene in to our situations? This is the final message in Pastor Jason’s series on “Liberating the Bruised”. Many people get broken and bruised by bad experiences and traumatic events that happen in life.  This message deals with how to be healed when you have been hurt by circumstances that God has allowed to happen in your life. This is a sermon that every Believer needs to hear. Listen today!
February 4, 2019

Bruised and Burned – Liberating The Bruised (Part 3)

This teaching is part of Pastor Jason’s series on “Liberating the Bruised.” This message describes God’s heart for people that have been bruised or have become burned out in ministry.  Listen and be refreshed today!
January 15, 2019

Liberating the Bruised (Part 1)

Scripture tells us that Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted and liberate the bruised. To liberate also means to pardon. In other words, Jesus came to set people free from bruises that have led to bondage.  There are many bruised people in the Church today that are living in prison cells and the good news is that Jesus wants to heal and free them all.  Listen to this powerful teaching by Pastor Jason.