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  • The Worst of Sinners
    Messiah’s House · The Worst of Sinners – Jason Craft Did you know that God had you in mind when He saved Saul of Tarsus who […]
  • 4 Things You Need to Know
    Messiah’s House · 4 Things You Need to Know – Jason Craft A Missionary is simply a person sent on a mission. As Believers, we have […]
  • Overcoming Mistakes, Follow Me Series
    Messiah’s House · Overcoming Mistakes, Follow Me Series – Jason Craft This is the last message by Pastor Jason in the Follow Me Series. This teaching […]
  • Marching Forward
    Messiah’s House · Marching Forward – Jordan Melugin It’s a new year filled with the potential of new possibilities. In this message, Pastor Jordan talks about […]
  • Missionary Update- Constance Redmond
    Messiah’s House · Missionary Update- Constance Redmond   Listen to this special missional update from Constance Redmond. If you would like to learn more about Constance’s […]

Messiah's House & Hillside Christian's Mutual Purchase

In January 2016, the Messiah’s House Elders took a retreat and heard God saying, “Prepare to move.”