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  • Equipped for Battle
    Messiah’s House · Equipped for Battle – Royce Gooch As believers we are in a constant spiritual battle with the enemy. To be victorious in this battle we need to have the right equipment. Fortunately, Jesus has equipped us with everything we need. He has given us powerful weapons to provide for both defense and offense in this battle.
  • Daddy Issues
    Messiah’s House · Daddy Issues – Leanna Craft Daddy issues can affect both males and females alike. The Devil is the Father of lies and one of His main motives is to deceive us about the true character of God as our loving Father. Our view of God as our Father shapes our lives. Our relationship, or lack of, with an earthly father can help form our identity and perception of God. This sermon reveals what Daddy Issues are, how to be free, and see God as The Good Father no matter how you grew up.
  • Competing Voices
    Messiah’s House · Competing – Jason Craft The Holy Spirit is not just an influence or force but He is a person.  The Scriptures attribute to the Holy Spirit characteristics that only a person can truly possess.  He is portrayed as a thinking being, a being who has a mind, an emotional being, and a volitional being.  The Holy Spirit reasons, speaks, and He can even be grieved.  The Holy Spirit has a positive ministry in our lives and one of His roles is to reveal the plans of God to us.  He will speak to us and lead us […]
  • Your Past Is Not Yours
    Messiah’s House · Your Past Is Not Yours – Jason Craft The ministry of The Holy Spirit is one of comfort, not condemnation. His role is positive, not negative! The Spirit convicts us of righteousness so that we have confidence to draw near to God. The Holy Spirit wants to inspire confidence, not self doubt. This message deals with how the enemy wants to use our past and our guilty conscience to condemn us and try to separate us from an awareness of God’s love.
  • Taking Comfort in Conviction
    Messiah’s House · Taking Comfort in Conviction – Jason Craft The ministry of the Holy Spirit is not one of condemnation, it’s one of comfort. Just as God did not send Jesus to condemn the world, Jesus did not send the Holy Spirit to condemn the world. When we think about Holy Spirit conviction, we need to first understand that His role in our lives is positive, not negative. This message deals with how the Holy Spirit convicts us and how we can be strengthened and comforted by His convictions.