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  • Deceiving Spirits – The Leviathan Spirit
    Listen as Pastor Jason teaches on a demonic spirit that most people in the Church have never heard about.  The Leviathan spirit is a very potent […]
  • Deceiving Spirits – The Jezebel Spirit
    The Apostle Paul warns the Church that in the last days there will be people who abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught […]
  • Messiah's House Amarillo
    Night of Hope
    Take a Listen as Pastor Jason interviews the authors of the book “Hope, Real Life Stories.” These ladies share parts of their story and how hope […]
  • When Life Offends You
    Listen as our Children’s Pastor/Pastor’s Wife, Leanna, shares about navigating life in today’s culture of offense. It’s often so easy to become offended in our own […]
  • Messiah's House Amarillo
    09/16 Sunday Service
    Due to a technical difficulty, unfortunately this past weekend’s service was unable to be recorded. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Messiah's House & Hillside Christian's Mutual Purchase

In January 2016, the Messiah’s House Elders took a retreat and heard God saying, “Prepare to move.”