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  • What Is Church? Pt. 2
    Messiah’s House · What is Church? Pt. 2- Jason Craft The Bible uses two main pictures or metaphors to describe the Church. Scripture tells us that […]
  • What is Church
    Messiah’s House · What is Church – Jason Craft In the New Testament, The Holy Spirit used a single Greek word that we translate ‘church’ in […]
  • Regrets: What are they good for?
    Messiah’s House · Regrets: What are they good for? – Casey Webb   We all have regrets. Some are small and fade away. Others are big […]
  • Expect More
    Messiah’s House · Expect More – Jordan Melugin Have you ever experienced unmet expectations? If so, you undoubtedly know the disappointment associated with those moments. Maybe […]
  • The Art of Forgiveness
    Messiah’s House · The Art of Forgiveness – Royce Gooch We know that, as believers, God has forgiven our sins and we are called to forgive […]