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  • Confidence Toward God
      Did you know that there is a difference between confidence in God and confidence toward God? Confidence in God is about trusting in who God […]
  • Don’t Resist Greatness
    It is God’s desire that His greatness be expressed in us and through us as we live our lives as believers. There are ways we can […]
  • God’s Bigger Than The Bible
    This past Sunday we had the opportunity to receive a word from Daryl Roach, Senior Pastor of MORE church. Take a listen as he shares about […]
  • The Biggest Hindrance to Revival” Part 4
    In this sermon, Pastor Jason continues to teach on the subject of idolatry. This message is about “the fear of man” and how it can become […]
  • Ministering to the Lord: Why We Worship
    In our lives we have been called Priests to the Lord, and this week we will be exploring what the Bible has to say about that […]
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Messiah's House & Hillside Christian's Mutual Purchase

In January 2016, the Messiah’s House Elders took a retreat and heard God saying, “Prepare to move.”