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  • Symptoms of a Hard Heart
    Messiah’s House · Symptoms of a Hard Heart – Jason Craft What you focus on is what you are sensitive to, what you neglect is what […]
  • What Causes a Hard Heart?
    Messiah’s House · What Causes a Hard Heart – Jason Craft A hardened heart is one of the worst things that can happen in the life […]
  • Hardness of Heart
    Messiah’s House · Hardness of Heart – Jason Craft Most Believers think that a hard heart only pertains to lost or backslidden people but scripture tells […]
  • Healthy Heart Habits
    Messiah’s House · Healthy Heart Habits – Jason Craft The quality of your life is directly connected to the health of your heart. Scripture tells us […]
  • Fixing Your Heart
    Messiah’s House · Fixing Your Heart – Jason Craft This is the second message by Pastor Jason in the “Heart Matters” Series.  This teaching deals with […]