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  • Effective Missionaries
    Our mission as the Body of Christ is to take the gospel outside of the walls of the Church.  We are not called to hide out […]
  • Messiah's House Amarillo
    The Penalty for Pride
    Pride is simply self-centeredness. Pride is being self focused rather than being God focused.  Pride places us on the throne of our own heart.  In this […]
  • Extravagant Giving
    When we get born again the Holy Spirit gives us a brand new nature, we get God’s nature. God lives on the inside of us and […]
  • I’m Just a Steward
    Seeing yourself as a steward starts by recognizing God’s ownership of all things. If all things belong to God, then they can’t belong to me.  I […]
  • Emily Dean, Messiah's House Student Pastor
    Rivers of Living Water
    This past weekend our Student Pastor, Emily Dean, shared with us about the rivers of living water. Everything in life comes back to intimacy with Jesus […]

Messiah's House & Hillside Christian's Mutual Purchase

In January 2016, the Messiah’s House Elders took a retreat and heard God saying, “Prepare to move.”