Groups Launch September 8

Are you interested in leading a group? Please get in touch with Emily Betzen @,

if you are interested in leading a group this fall. The deadline is August 16th

At Messiah’s House, we believe in cultivating a community where lives are transformed through the extraordinary synergy of presence, power, and purpose. Our Groups serve as vibrant hubs of connection and growth, where individuals gather to experience the tangible presence of God and the genuine warmth of authentic relationships. Rooted in the profound understanding that true transformation occurs within an intentional community, our groups harness the power of collective support, encouragement, and prayer.

What Are Groups?

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When Do Groups Happen?

Our MH Groups will launch with a fresh vision this September!

The Heart of MH Community Groups: Maturing and Discipleship

Groups happen each semester. Topics and group focuses vary between the groups. Some groups like to focus on the weekend’s teaching. Some groups focus on topics. Some groups are specific to a certain group of people. Some are open to anyone. Find out more by clicking the button below! Each semester is different. The button will take you to CCB, our churchgoer platform. It will have the most up-to-date group information.

Are you interested in leading a group in the future? Please contact Emily Betzen @, if you are interested in leading a group this fall. The deadline is August 16th

Where Can I Find All Groups?

Find the Groups Guide by clicking the button on this page.

What is Church Community Builder? 

Church Community Builder is where you can find your full profile at Messiah’s House Church including: events, groups, volunteering, giving, and much more! In CCB, you’ll be able to see photos of group leaders, read about the group, and request to join groups. CCB is also where all giving, events, forms and volunteering happens. Once joined, you can send messages, post prayer requests and needs, and engage with other group participants. Have questions about CCB? Email us at