Your giving cultivates active Kingdom people.

Give online with PushPay. You can find your giving in your PushPay profile. Click give to login. 

Looking for contribution statements? Login to your Messiah’s House account in Church Community Builder here.

Need support? Email us at


Please send all mail to 6901 Bell St., Amarillo, TX, 79109

Phone: 806.414.4384

Email our accounting team at

Fax Number: 806.414.4385



How do I give online? 

You can always go to to give. Or you can visit or bookmark our Messiah’s House Church online giving PushPay page directly here:

Can I give by text? 

Yes, you can text “messiahs house” to 77977 to get started with PushPay. It’s very easy!

What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept bank transfers (ACH direct deposit), debit cards and credit cards.

Can I setup recurring giving? 

Yes. You can setup your own custom recurring giving. It’s easy! Start here:

Can I give by phone or my favorite device? 

Yes. You can easily give from any computer or device. Start today!

If I give through Simple Donation (The old online giving platform), will Messiah’s House Church still receive it. 

Yes, for now. We will eventually close that platform at a date to be determined. We prefer that you give the new way via PushPay because it’s easier for you, and the fees are less for us as a church.

Does Messiah’s House pay a fee on my giving? 

Yes, we do. However, the fees are now lower than ever. We pay the following fees:

  • .5% + 50¢ per transaction for direct deposit (Best option)
  • 2% + 50¢ per transaction for debit card transactions
  • 3% + 50¢ per transaction for credit card transactions

Will I receive a giving contribution statement for my giving? 

Yes, we will be sending out contribution statements at the end of each fiscal year for anyone who gives. You can always request a giving statement at


What is PushPay? 

PushPay is a secure giving platform that Messiah’s House Church now uses for all online giving and fundraising. We have found it to be very well developed as a giving platform. We are excited about our new partnership with PushPay. Learn more about PushPay here.

Is Pushpay secure?

Yes. According to PushPay, “Our primary concern is ensuring all data is kept safe and our systems remain robust, reliable, and usable. Proactive security requires continuous awareness and improvement. Regular reviews, penetration tests and working with world class security professionals helps Pushpay® to proactively identify and respond to risk. We have a security culture of continuous learning and improvement that aims to adapt to a changing online world.” For more info:

If I give to other churches and non-profits through PushPay, will I have trouble giving to Messiah’s House Church? 

No. PushPay makes giving to multiple organizations and churches easy. Simply give through our custom PushPay giving page here: