Each of us are in a place to add things to the church calendar. We need to begin re-training our minds to add sufficient time to make several or many stops along the way before the event actually happens. Below is a workflow that will give guidance and timelines for each stop along the way to having your event scheduled and promoted properly.

*Regularly scheduled events (i.e. Ladies Night) will begin promotion 3 weeks in advance.
*Special events (i.e. youth camp) can begin registration & promotion at your earliest convenience.

    Full Name

    Email Address

    Phone Number

    Event Title

    Desired Event Location

    Event Date

    Event Cost To Participants

    Other Details?

    Content or messaging for promotional graphic

    Design requirements for promotional graphic

    Contact information for promotional graphic

    Signup requirements for participants i.e. Online sign up / information needed for registration?

    Will you require online payments for registration? If so, what amount?