Contest Overview

Submit your original photos of Amarillo Area Interest. Photos should be taken from the Amarillo area, or must symbolize Amarillo.

Simple Application

We made the application simple to reduce the stress of submitting your work and save you time. Simply email your photos to using these fields:

• Name & Email
• Instagram Username (optional)
• Up to 10 Image attachments
• Artwork captions (optional)
• Artist Statement (optional)
• Biography (optional)

Image Specifications

  • JPG files should be at least 3 megabytes in size and should not exceed 5 megabytes per file.
  • Email your photo entries to with subject line “Photo Contest”
  • By submitting your photos, you give Messiah’s House Church permission to own your photo content if it selected as a winning photo. Non-winning images will remain the original photographer’s property.

Submission Deadline

June 30th at 11:59PM CST


Winning artists will have their creative work featured in frames throughout the Messiah’s House Church campus. It is our desire as a church body to feature homegrown artistic expression that embodies the beauty of the Texas Panhandle in the halls and rooms of Messiah’s House Church.

Why Participate?

Earn Prizes

The grand prize winner of the photo contest will earn $500. 9 other winners will be selected, each winning $25 gift cards. 

Get Connected

Get your work in front of a new audience.

Gain Exposure

Your work will be framed and shown in the Messiah’s House campus.

Get Featured

Winning artists will be featured on our Instagram feed @messiahshousetx, Facebook page and Twitter page @messiahshousetx.

Photo Provided By Short Eared Dog Photography

Contest Rules and Regulations


Messiah’s House Church is sponsoring this contest. Winners are selected by Messiah’s House Church appointed judges.


All winning photos will remain the property of the photographer. Messiah’s House will be given the following rights to photos submitted: 1.) Messiah’s House has full rights to print as many times in varying sizes for display in our church building any picture submitted. 2.) For all photos that win one of the 10 places offering a prize; Messiah’s House will have full rights to print as many times in varying sizes for display in our church building as well as be used from time to time in any of the Messiah’s House social media platforms.


Images must feature objects, places, people, symbols or things from within or closely associated with the Amarillo area. The photos must be photos the artist took themselves and the artist must maintain all permissions and rights to the photos they are submitting. There is not date restriction for when submitted photos were taken. 


Contest entries will be taken from 12:00 a.m. CST on June 1, 2019 until 11:59 p.m. CST on June 30, 2019.


There is no voting for this photo contest. All winners will be determined solely on Messiah’s House Church’s own judgment.


One $500 Grand Prize winner and 9 $25 Gift Card Prize Winners will be awarded. There will be 10 total winning photo submissions. Artists can submit up to 10 images.


Messiah’s House will not use artist’s personal information for any other purpose than to award prizes and recognize their artistic work.