February 7, 2023

Something Has to Change

Messiah’s House · Something Has to Change, Pt. 1 – Jason Craft Many people want their circumstances to change but they don’t want to change themselves. Destiny necessitates transition and change. Resistance to change is your worst enemy. This is the first part of a two part message on the power of a changed mind and how a thriving mindset is required of us if we want to live the abundant life. Enjoy!
January 30, 2023

Celebration Sunday

Messiah’s House · Celebration Sunday Listen to our exciting announcement on Celebration Sunday!
January 24, 2023

Remembering the Future

Messiah’s House · Remembering the Future – Jason Craft How can you remember the future since it hasn’t happened yet? This message reminds us that fulfilling our purpose in God is connected to having an eternal mindset. We need to constantly remind ourselves that there is another world waiting for us, another world that is coming for us.  As Believers, our citizenship is in heaven and Earth is not our home.  We should live looking forward to being with God for all eternity and that reality should cause us to not lose heart or ever give up.
January 10, 2023

God’s Perfect Knowledge

 Messiah’s House · God’s Perfect Knowledge – Jason Craft God sees everything and knows all things. God has perfect knowledge and He can’t learn anything new. God is Omniscient! Most Believers agree that God is all knowing but have you ever thought about the great truths that are implied for us by this fact? Listen to this teaching as Pastor Jason shares four things you need to know about God’s knowledge of you.
January 3, 2023

Going Fast

Messiah’s House · Going Fast – Jason Craft What is fasting? Does fasting belong in the New Testament Church? How is fasting connected to the new wine that Jesus talked about in Matthew 9:17? Listen as Pastor Jason answers these questions and calls the church to a corporate fast to prepare our hearts for revival.
December 19, 2022

Persistent Prayer

Messiah’s House · Persistent Prayer – Jason Craft All Believers know that prayer is vital but did you know that there are different kinds of prayer and different ways we can pray? In this message we take a look at what it means to be persistent in prayer and to not give up on your requests because of discouragement.
December 13, 2022

How Do We Enter the Secret Place?

Messiah’s House · How Do We Enter the Secret Place? – Jason Craft Many Christians struggle with getting into the Presence of God. Many pray and still don’t experience intimacy with God. Many Believers have a sense of being disconnected from God and feel as if they are praying into thin air. This message deals with entering the Secret Place and gives us some practical things that we can do when we are struggling to encounter God in our personal prayer times.
December 5, 2022

Hosting Revival

Messiah’s House · Hosting Revival – Jason and Leanna Craft Listen to this encouraging word about a new season from Pastor Jason and Leanna Craft.
November 29, 2022

The Atmosphere of the Secret Place

Messiah’s House · The Atmosphere of the Secret Place – Jason Craft Before Jesus taught us how to to pray, He taught us where to pray.  He told us that The Father is in the secret place waiting for us to come to Him. Where is the secret place? How do I get to the secret pace? What do I find or how am I influenced in the secret place? Listen as Pastor Jason answers these questions and more.
November 22, 2022

How to Pray

Messiah’s House · The Atmosphere of the Secret Place – Jason Craft Before Jesus taught us how to pray, He told us where to pray.  We are to go to our room and shut the door and pray to our Father who is in the secret place. It is in the secret place that we connect with our Father and bring Him our praise as well as our petitions. There are six petitions contained within the model prayer and they serve as a template for us in our daily prayer lives. Listen to this teaching and be stirred up to […]
November 16, 2022

How NOT to Pray

Messiah’s House · How NOT to Pray – Jason Craft Prayer is something that you have to learn how to do.  There are principles and conditions that govern certain prayers and you can actually do damage if you pray wrong. Listen to this message by Pastor Jason as he talks about several things that you should never pray.
November 7, 2022

The Two-Fold Purpose of Prayer

Messiah’s House · The Two-Fold Purpose of Prayer – Jason Craft Many people don’t pray because they don’t see the benefits of prayer. Some don’t pray because they don’t think that it makes a difference. Many people have become frustrated in their prayer lives because they haven’t seen results and so they have developed a bad attitude concerning prayer. Pastor Jason says that you will never be passionate about prayer until you first understand the primary purpose of prayer. Listen to this message and learn about the two primary purposes of prayer and why prayer should be a priority every […]