April 1, 2020

Struggling To Trust God

Do you believe in a God that you don’t trust? Believing in God is not the same thing as trusting in Him. Many people that believe […]
March 26, 2020

Things to Remember

We are living in a time where hope needs to be declared and people need to be encouraged in the Lord. Listen to this message by […]
March 17, 2020

Crazy Praise – People of Praise Series

Listen as Pastor Jason continues his series, “People of Praise”. This message is very fitting for the time that we are currently living in and it […]
March 9, 2020

Confessing the Word – People of Praise Series

Praising God requires some form of expression. Listen to this teaching by Pastor Jason Craft as he continues to show us different biblical ways that we […]
February 10, 2020

Hands to God – People of Praise Series

Praising God requires some form of expression. It is not enough to just have a knowledge of God’s worth, we are to show or express His […]
February 3, 2020

Supernatural Birth, Part 2 – People of Praise Series

Don’t miss this teaching by Pastor Jason as he continues to talk about things that can be supernaturally birthed when we get in the Presence of […]
January 28, 2020
Praise is the key to supernatural birth. The things we have been longing and praying for in our church, in our city and in our region, the key to seeing those things manifest is praise and worship. God is taking us to a new place in praise and worship.

We’re Pregnant

This Sunday, Pastor Jason told us as a church family that he believes, “we’re pregnant”. Here’s what he said. “The seed of God’s Word has been […]
January 27, 2020

Supernatural Birth – People of Praise Series

Praise engages the Presence of God and it is in His Presence that things get supernaturally birthed in our lives. Listen to this powerful teaching by […]
January 21, 2020

People of Praise, Part 1

According to 1 Peter 2:9, God has set us apart to proclaim His praises. In this teaching, Pastor Jason talks about what praise is and why […]
January 13, 2020

Can I Lose My Salvation, Part 5 – Saved Series

Is a true Believer in Christ ever in danger of losing their salvation? Listen to Pastor Jason as he answers this very important question in this […]
January 6, 2020

The Testimony of Jesus, Part 3 – Saved Series

When we testify about what Jesus has done for us we actually begin to move in the Spirit of Prophecy. God wants to do for others […]
December 30, 2019

Doubting Your Salvation, Part 4 – Saved Series

Listen to this important message by Pastor Jason as he shares four reasons why many Believers doubt their salvation and four reasons why true Believers should […]